The Basics

Essentials Tier

Novara Essentials searches millions of posts, from multiple social media platforms, instantly. Custom tailor your searches in Novara to refine the data you collect and export. Our Essentials Tier includes a range of production options with the ability to import up to 100 persons of social media. Our 1-on-1 training will get you up to speed on how to import social media data, search, and export results.

Upgraded Features

Explorer Tier

The Novara Explorer Tier expands on the features of our Essentials Tier with: more export options, API tokens, Teams, multiple User logins, and 250 persons of social media data. Collaborate on projects with members of your business to review and manage social media data. Export and produce search results in the format of your choice; Full Production (HTML/PDF/CSV/DAT/Bates Stamp).


Professional Tier

Novara's Professional Tier includes all features and premium functions: Slack and LinkedIn searches, 500 persons of social media data, and ten users for your team. The combination of business related platform searches, hundreds of persons slots, and large team sizes provides incredible search capabilities for corporate reviews, business litigation, and legal holds. Launch your firm's social media and business chat searches to the next level.