Expert Searching

View posts, messages, and comments from social media accounts your client can't find.

Deep Dive into Data

Understand Meta-Data, .JSON files, and Novara filtering to collect the best evidence.

Leveraging Results

Locate posts on social media quickly and recreate them in a defensible, native format.

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Find Lost and Hidden Data

Better than Built-In Searches

Sociamedia websites usually include a search bar, but trying to search your account for posts you made in the past is extremely difficult. Novara's Meta-Data search engine sifts through your accounts using key-word, date-ranges, filters, and more!

Protect Your Settlement

One post, one comment, one message on a client's social media account can be the difference between a $2,500 payout and a $250,000 settlement. Invest in the screening and onboarding of new clients to protect their case and your ROI.

Reduce Review Time

Reviewing social media accounts for old messages or group interactions requires hours painful inspection when using screen scraping or basic HTML downloads. Reduce time spent on reviews and search hundreds of thousands of posts in seconds.

Advanced Data Management

Novara's DIY capability brings together the speed of AWS Cloud Services and accuracy of .JSON data to create a platform that hosts all your client's and matter's social media accounts. Customize results and receive everything you need on one browser tab.