Our Story

Discover the Unknown

Novara was named after the ship SMS Novara, which was most noted for an exploration around the world and undercover operations at sea. It is also an Italian name meaning "New Air." Our goal at Novara is to help you breathe new air into the navigation of your client's social media data. Social media is often called the new frontier of electronic evidence, and with Novara in your treasure chest of tools we hope to help you explore your data set efficiently and effectively.


Emerging Trends

The team behind Novara includes the creators and developers of a leading ediscovery tool.  They created the social media review platform after years of monitoring data trends, emerging data sources, and the explosion of online social media usage. Explore with Novara.


Decades of Knowledge

The Novara family has decades of collective eDiscovery and litigation experience, covering a vast array of matter types. Use Novara to read the information about the data, proving who sent the post. Manage all your social media searches from one platform.


Expertise in Social Media

Our experts have a solid track record of providing difference-making software, concierge-level services, cost-reducing strategies, and successfully managed document review projects in concert with a holistic approach to how discovery is handled within the entire litigation plan.