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Novara is the first tool that allows users to search, review, and manage data from multiple social media accounts simultaneously. Users can tag and export thousands of posts in minutes, producing legally defensible evidence.

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What is Novara?

Social Media Search Platform

Novara enables anyone to search account files from many popular social media platforms. Search, review, tag and export a customer’s social media posts, media, private messages, and over 80 other unique data points.

Social Media Data Manager

Tag, save, and export posts in PDF, HTML, and DAT format with bates numbering. Create load files to import into other software including review tools for litigation or investigation.

Multi-Platform Search

Corporations can search their own social media or Slack information for intervals investigations. 

Who Uses Novara?

Injury Law

Find and review compromising pictures, videos, and discussions about a client's injury.

Corporate Investigations

Search social media accounts, instant messaging software like Slack, and more for corporate reviews.

Medical Malpractice

Identify posts about injury, recovery, and procedures within social media accounts. Create your case and timeline.

Family Law

Locate hidden messages about infidelity, misuse of money, or even group discussions within seconds.

Bankruptcy Law

Gather evidence from marketplace use and customer interactions to build your evidence in bankruptcy litigation.

Employment Law

Create your case based on social media's impact into a client's employment or employees.

Benefits of Novara

Expert Searching

View posts, messages, and comments from social media accounts your client can't find.

Deep Dive into Data

Understand Meta-Data, .JSON files, and Novara filtering to collect the best evidence.

Leveraging Results

Locate posts on social media quickly and recreate them in a defensible, native format.

Posts Per Minute

Tag and Export at blazing fast speeds. Eclipsing traditional search methods with custom filters and options.


The number of social media posts loaded into major litigation softwares such as Relativity and Disco.

Better Searches

Social media websites usually include a search bar, but trying to search your account for posts made in the past is extremely difficult. Novara's Meta-Data search engine sifts through social media accounts using keywords, date-ranges, filters, and more!

Protect Your Settlement

One post, one comment, one message on a client's social media account can be the difference between a $2,500 payout and a $250,000 settlement. Invest in the screening and onboarding of new clients to protect their case and your ROI.

Reduce Review Time

Reviewing social media accounts for old messages or group interactions requires hours painful inspection when using screen scraping or basic HTML downloads. Reduce time spent on reviews and search hundreds of thousands of posts in seconds.

Advanced Management

Novara's DIY capability brings together the speed of AWS Cloud Services and accuracy of .JSON data to create a platform that hosts all your client's and matter's social media accounts. Customize results and receive everything you need on one browser tab.

See What's Collected

Novara's collective of amazing people strive to deliver more results.

We seek to revolutionize the way courts and legal professionals look at social media searches. Novara’s search engine has made the difference in class action suits and corporate litigation. Find out more about our story!


Novara provides me the ability to search across social media data super fast and displays the search hits in a manner that is both easy to read and navigate through.  Conducting the same searches within the social media sites is convoluted, slow and comes with many challenges.  I would not have been able to provide my clients with the data they needed for their MDL without Novara.
Marie Perry
Senior Project Manager
With Novara, I can now quickly and easily search across multiple social media platforms and see results in a matter of seconds. The time savings allows me to better serve my clients and really help them with their needs.
Before Novara, Social Media searching was a long tedious process that only showed you part of what existed on social media.  With Novara I am able to search not only posts and direct messages but also comments, photos and videos, search results, profile updates, page likes, posts in groups and more! It is so much easier to search with multiple keywords and be able to see all of your results at once with so many different options to filter within Novara. I have a hard time imagining having to go back to searching Social Media without Novara.
Ashley Goodwin
eDiscovery Project Manager